Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fleur De Lis & The City

Article 2 Fleur De Lis & The City

So we took off last Sunday for Easter, and we hope everyone enjoyed time with their families, but we are back this week!

In researching this weeks session, we could not help but notice all of the beautiful and historical churches that display the fleur de lis symbol in some way. While the symbol has many historical roots and ties, it also have a great religious history.

One of the first places that we found the symbol in a holy place of worship is at the Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church located in Wayne County, Indiana. You can read up on the beautiful windows and about their church by clicking here.

In the picture below, you will see a gorgeous stained glass window, utilizing the fleur de lis as representation of the holy trinity, which sits on the east wall of their church. This photo is courtesty of thier website.

The next place that we found the fleur de lis used in a church is at Bourges Cathedral. In this photograph they have used the fleur de lis and explain it's meaning. We have taken an excerpt from their information here and below is how the next picture is explained.

"Stained glass window in the shape of a fleur-de-lys, Bourges cathedral, 15th c. Note the various themes: the Trinity, which the 3 petals were understood to recall, is represented; angels are bearing the shield as they are supporters of the arms of France, the dove descending from heaven recalls the legend of the baptism of Clovis when a dove brought the sacred ointment to Saint Remigius."

The next place we located the symbol was used a bit differently according to an article named "The Life of Jesus in Symbols, written by Tower Church". According to this, the fleur-de-lis was used in churches as a symbol to Mary. An excerpt of thier article, as it relates to the fleur de lis is below:

"Not all Christian symbols have a biblical origin. The fleur-de-lis in the left lancet refers to Mary. It was used by French kings and later became famous on the banner of Joan of Arc. From there it came to be used in the Christian context."

The picture they are referring to is below, courtesy of their website.

The next church found using the fleur de lis is Christ Church Cathedral located in Hartford, Connecticut. This striking photo is of their altar which uses the symbol in many ways. An excerpt of the explanation of the photgraph is here:

"The heavily carved High Altar was inspired by a tomb in Canterbury Cathedral. The front panels are carved with the symbols of the four writers of the Gospel. The center panel features Christ’s cross surrounded by fleur-de-lis. The 27 foot high Chancel window depicts the Transfiguration. Given in memory of the Rev. Dr. Wheaton, it depicts Christ in the center light above the transom. On the right is Moses with the stone tablets and on the left, Elias holds a book. Peter, James and John fill the lower lights."

Here is a picture of the altar, courtesy of their website. Can you see the fleur-de-lis?

And last but not least, we found the fleur de lis symbol used at La Sainte Chapelle. There is so much history, here we just don't have enough time to tell it all, but you can click the link above and read more. When they conducted several renovations to the church, the fleur de lis symbol is used against bright colors as seen in the photos below, courtesy of their website.

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks article and learned even more about the fleur de lis symbol as we did. The historical emblem is centuries old and is still enjoyed in many different ways today.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Women's Fashion Accessories

Women's fashion accessories are such a fun way to add to your look for any time of the year. From handbags to jewelry and everything in between, these extra pieces added to your wardrobe are great ways to show off your sense of style. The best part about these items is that you can often find them at great prices.

Fun ways to add to your daily look is throwing on a bold colored handbag or colored jewelry to add that something special to business attire or casual wear for school. With prom season just around the corner, finding nice women's fashion accessories to add to your night of glamour can be an opportunity let your personality shine.

Since accessories can include so many different things, it's important to know what will work for your fashion style. While many women enjoy using subtle hints, some ladies like more striking designs and wilder colors. Whatever your style, you can find what will look best on you.

A great way to try new things, and to come out of your comfort zone may be to wear a great pair of hoop earrings with a simple tank top this season. If you use this as your only jewelry for the day, they will get noticed and show off your playful and sexy side.

Another classy idea for a prom or ball, can be a beautiful pair of chandelier earrings with a strapless gown. Making a statement for the last few years, this form of women' fashion accessories isn't going out of style for a long time. Adding these to a strapless dress and foregoing a necklace make a great look even better. As we see many celebrities utilize this look, why shouldn't you? These are also a great choice for the bride and bridal party too.

Using your fashion style and sense can help you make a plain outfit look smashing with the right women's fashion accessories. The details are what make or break an outfit and can be the best part of anything that you wear.

Making the look your own is all in how you choose to incorporate beautiful details into your wardrobe or ensemble.

Great looking accessories don't just have to be saved for special occasions or weddings. Everyday can be special and make you feel like a million bucks when those little details are added to your look.

Make your co-workers and friends jealous because you look so great everyday. Everyone will notice a change in you and you will feel even better about yourself. Go ahead, try something new today!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Latest Women's Fashion

As we begin to move from Winter to Spring, interesting fashion and trends will begin to emerge as the latest women's fashion. Certain trends tend to move across the country from West to East. It will be interesting to see what designers and trendsetters have in mind for us this year.

Many are predicting that color will be a big factor this season. While basic black will always remain a wardrobe staple, this years latest women's fashion will include tye dye clothing and bright colors. This certainly makes for fun choices when choosing your outfits this season. The latest women's fashion also will include gorgeous accessories, flocked tees, as well as anything studded with rhinestones, like hats and shirts.

If you have noticed on television these past few weeks, stars on American Idol have been wearing fleur de lis clothing. And if you watched Dancing with The Stars last night, you saw Judge Carrie Ann Inaba wearing a beautiful fleur de lis necklace.

It's obvious that the fleur de lis symbol is going to make it's fashionable debut again this Spring! Since pretty colors, themes, jewelry and accessories will be popular this year, we hope that you will find many beautiful things from our store to help you choose all the latest women's fashion. Utilizing your sense of style, with our love for beautiful fleur de lis items, you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

Whether shopping for yourself, or for a friend, you can find that perfect something that you need to add to your spring collection. Adding a large fleur de lis necklace or toe ring to your choice of accessories is a unique way to show off, without costing a lot of money.

Don't forget to add a pretty purse to your ensemble this spring either. Adding a cute handbag can make a huge impact on your entire ensemble. Visit us today to find all the latest women's fashion at Fleur de Lis

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fleur de Lis & The City!

We are proud to announce the arrival of Fleur de Lis & The City! Every Sunday we will be highlighting the beautiful fleur de lis symbol along with the City of New Orleans. News, information, and pictures will be the focus of these news posts to our blog. We will be looking for great and interesting stories regarding the fleur de lis symbol as well as the New Orleans. If any of you out there would like to contribute, please contact us by commenting on our blog.

Article 1 of Fleur de Lis & The City!

Have you driven around the City of New Orleans lately? After a recent drive through the French Quarter, we couldn't help but notice that they fleur de lis is everywhere! It seems that even more businesses, companies, and even official city vehicles are utilizing the royal symbol in some way shape or form.

We were able to find some nice pictures of a New Orleans Police Department car that has a fleur de lis incorporated into it's decals. The picture below shows the fleur de lis on the upper left side of the car in near the rear window. Check out the photograph below:

We also found that the New Orleans Emergency Medical Services vehicles use the symbol on their ambulances as well. A nice picture of one of the ambulances in front of Jackson Square can be found below.

These are just a few pictures of how logos and emblems have been changed and or re-designed since Hurricane Katrina to display the fleur de lis as a symbol of the city.

Artists have also enjoyed using the symbol as ways of expression of the city and it's re-birth. Many paintings and pieces of artwork have incorported a lovely fleur de lis to attract residents who have enjoyed displaying fleur de lis artwork in their homes and offices.

A nice picture of an example of this is in the picture below from Big EZ Artist. A fleur de lis appears as the focus of the piece, with a nice scene of the city in the background.

Along with seeing the symbol out and about, we also still love seeing people who are decorating with the fleur-de-lis. One creative homeowner decided to accent her bathroom with hand painted stencils on one wall, which we think came out great!

We hope you have enjoyed our first article of Fleur de Lis & The City! Look for more great articles in this series next week. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Plus Size Womens Fleur de Lis Fashions

We are excited to let everyone know about some great things happening in our store. We have recently lauched a new area of our store called Plus Size Shirts. This great new area highlights attractive fleur de lis shirts that come in extended sizes. We know how important it is to listen to what our customers have been asking for, and this is certainly an area that we have gotten a lot of requests for.

Plus size womens fleur de lis fashions does not have to be so difficult to find anymore! We have started off with a few great selections in this catagory that we know you will love. We will be expanding this area of our store over the spring/summer months, just for the ladies who love to find their favorite fashions in the sizes just right for them.

Many of our sales team members enjoy wearing plus size womens fleur de lis fashions, but have found it difficult in the past to be able to wear many of the shirts that we had in our store. Recently we have been working very hard to change this and we hope you will enjoy shopping with us for the latest styles and trends of fleur de lis shirts.

With the extreme popularity for our fleur de lis silver rhinestone shirt, we wanted to let you know that this long sleeve shirt is available in extended sizes. This has been our most popular shirt to date. This shirt is still available in our store now and is a great choice for plus size womens fleur de lis fashions.

We have found another popular shirt to compliment this one! Our fleur de lis plus size silver rhinestone s/s shirt is the short sleeve version of this popular style. Just in time for spring, you can get this attractive shirt to add to your collection today. This shirt ranges in size from XLarge to XXXLarge.

We look forward to offering even more beautiful plus size womens fleur de lis fashions to you in the near future. Continue to check out our new arrivals section and more for all of the latest trends in fleur de lis fashions.