Friday, July 31, 2009

Fashion Apparel at Fleur de Lis Fashions

Fashion apparel at fleur de lis fashions is just right this season. Summer is with us, and what better time to update our wardrobe! From tank tops, to caps and hats and short sleeve shirts, summer is the time to feel great and show off our sense of style! Fashion as always is a mistress that rules from season to season and offers us the most beautiful creations. Want to look your best and feel on top of the world? Then fashion apparel is the word, and Fleur de Lis is your answer.

Tank tops for the hot summer days, caps and hats as protection against the sun, and short sleeve shirts paired with jeans or skirt are all we need for a summer in style and elegance. Thinking that maybe your budget may not cut it? Then let your mouse do the shopping and click your way to a fashion statement with class.

Black is the word in fashion, and this original and superb short sleeve Black floral tee shirt is simply vibrant with color and flair. Made of a cotton and spandex blend, this shirt is elegantly designed with a beautiful blue Fleur de Lis accented with rhinestones in vibrant colors. Surrounding this ageless emblem are colored scroll work, abstract designs and flowers of different shades. A one of a kind design for the women with taste!

Are you looking for the fashion statement of the season that will take you from the office to the party and show off your fashion sense? Then look no further then the Fleur de Lis silver studded tank top for your answer in the fashion apparel of 2009!

Hot and in demand this beautiful black tank top is made of 100% cotton and sparkles with the Fleur de Lis symbol designed with stunning silver studs. Trendy and super comfortable this gorgeous and original tank top will make you the start of the evening at a price you can truly afford.

Looking for best on the web in fashion apparel? Fleur de Lis is the answer for the chic and hip women that that loves being well-dressed and stylish.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

15% Off Anniversary Sale at Fleur de Lis Fashions.Com

Celebrate our Anniversary with us and enjoy our 15% off coupon!

We are excited to share our two year anniversary with you our customers. A lot has changed over this time and it's all thanks to you for making us the leader in fleur de lis fashions on the web!

We also want to say "Thank You" for making us the #1 store in Google for Fleur de Lis Jewelry!!

Visit our newest sections of our store which bring you even more beautiful fleur de lis fashions. Check out our updated Shop by Price section. This is the perfect place to find great gifts for you and your friends.

Don't forget to stop by our New Shopping Tips Center as well. Find some great tips and suggestions for buying and caring for your favorite fleur de lis items. Our body shape fashion tips is another valueable resource everyone loves!

We have also included a new latest shopping coupon!

Use your coupon along with our any of our new arrivals or current sale items and save even more!




Fleur De Lis Silver Bracelet Watch

Perfect for everyone who loves fleur de lis with style, this silver bracelet watch is our new hottest item.

A designer inspired original, this silver watch takes the fleur de lis to new meaning with class & style. The design begins with a silver fleur de lis that sits on the face of this elegant piece. 12, 3, 6, and 9, mark time that is lovely to look at on the face of this watch.

The other hours, along with the hour and second hand are also beautiful silver toned for a perfect look. The open bangle band is easy to adjust and one size fits most. Attractive silver fleur de lis go down each side of the band for an added touch.

Perfect for work or play, this time piece of fleur de lis fashion jewelry will be a great addition to any collection.

Fleur De Lis Pink Business Card Holder

This pink fleur de lis business card holder makes a perfect gift for bridesmaids or boss!

This stunning lightweight aluminum case is covered with enamel and accented with sparkling Swarovski crystal fleur de lis design.

The enameling is in a swirling pink pattern with a hint of glittering gold. Comes with a drawstring organza pouch and a lovely gift box.

*Holds approximately 15 business cards.

* Precision crafted aluminum accented with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

New Arrival!!


This love peace fleur de lis t shirt is our newest Fleurdelisfashions.Com original design. A perfect choice to show off your favorite symbols in a unique way. Just right for women and young ladies who love comfy tee shirts.

A short sleeve chocolate brown high quality tee shirt begins the design of this cute shirt. Pink symbols adorn the front with a heart, peace sign, and a fleur de lis across the upper chest. The contrast of the pink symbols and brown shirt is the perfect blend of these two trendy colors.

This t shirt features:

* 50/50 Cotton/Poly blend

*3 popular symbols adorn the front

*Roomy fit and comfortable cool fabric

*Looks great with jeans, shorts, or capris!

* Perfect for ladies of all ages!

*A portion of the sales from these shirts will be donated to victims of Hurricane Katrina

Get this trendy fleur de lis t shirt today and wear it with pride!








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Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com is an online ladies fashion boutique filled with fashion items at affordable prices. You'll find sparkling jewelry, trendy handbags, cute tee shirts, fun accessories, and much more. Our fleur de lis themed store has it all.

Want more great reasons to shop with Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Free Gift Boxing with all jewelry purchases.

Free Earrings with purchases over $125.00.

Exceptional online security measures in place for secure shopping.

Helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service sales team members.

Everything in our store is under $50.00.

You can place your order online anytime, day or night!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Enjoy Web Shopping at Fleur de lis Fashions

What is Web shopping? Is it going around from stores to stores inside a labyrinth? Is it looking for the best deal on mesh, snares and traps? Or maybe it’s about a system that reaches across electronic boundaries offering the best deal in town? More than that, Web shopping is the holy grail of shopping till you drop with only a mouse for transportation!

Shopping through the medium of the internet is the answer to the 21st century. Gone are the days of traffic jams, bad weather, tired sales clerk, and out of date inventories. Web based shopping is easy, available 24/7 and provides the consumers and sellers new methods of communication and interactions.

Browsing the web for that elusive motor part, rare coin or latest copy of our favorite book is now easier than ever as the web provides us with the possibility for better informed decisions. From the ease of our own home we can now shop at leisure, compare prices, delivery schedules and even contact an online customer service department for more detailed information’s.

More powerful than ever, the internet provides to the shopper multitudes of services that can only be found when one uses the Web shopping. Easy to access, and reliable, the internet has forever changed our outlook on shopping. Over the years consumers have increasingly become accustomed to purchasing online and now look to the web for all–inclusive product information’s and competitive prices!

Still not sure if the is the future of shopping? Then why not browse over to Fleur de Lis where online customer service is impeccable and shopping easy! Always at the Avant Garde of online shopping, Fleur de Lis will without a doubt become your online shopping experience of the future.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Fleur de Lis Women's Watch Just Arrived

I'm happy to bring you our latest fleur de lis women's watch that just arrived. Not only are these trendy and fashionable, they are functional as well. A women's watch makes a great accessory to your outfit for work or for play.

This new collection comes in three different trim styles, giving you the flexibility to find the one that is just right for you. A fleur de lis women's watch can be just what you need to give your fashion jewelry collection some flair.

The first in this collection is our fleur de lis gold bracelet watch. This one is just right for ladies who love the timeless look of gold in their jewelry collection. The bracelet band means no buckles to hassle with and is easy to wear. A great choice for the office because it's unique style is a great conversation piece. Where it with a short sleeve shirt and the compliments will be abundant.

The second women's watch in this collection is our fleur de lis silver bracelet watch. The perfect choice for women who can't have enough silver jewelry. The face and band of the watch make this fleur de lis timepiece extra special with it's unique design. Wear it dressed up with your favorite dress or it's the perfect accent to jeans and a tee.

The last new women's watch is our fleur de lis gold/silver bracelet watch. When you love the mix of silver and gold, this is the perfect choice. The contrast of the two colors adorn this watch in a unique way that is not overdone. Wear it with your wedding set and you don't have to worry about the clash of colors. Easily pair it with any fleur de lis jewelry because it offers you versatility to your choices. It makes a beautiful gift too!

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rhinestone Caps with Fleur de Lis Designs

Summer is finally here in all its glory, and what better time to dress up in style than with a gorgeous Rhinestone Cap with the Fleur de Lis design! Want to show off in flair and protect yourself from the sun this summer? Then why not go ahead and order a few of these very useful and trendy caps!

Offered in different colors and adorned with the beautiful rhinestone Fleur de Lis emblem, these top quality caps are the trendy look for protecting your face from the sun harmful rays. Fashionable and fully adjustable for a comfort fit, these caps are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe and offer the added benefit of keeping your head cool during the summer months!

Want to look fab on a bad hair day? Then why not try on the
Fleur de Lis Black leopard design rhinestone cap! This exclusive black cap is adorned with the Fleur de Lis emblem in gold and black rhinestone which is then outlined with silver studs! A perfect match to your summer outfit that will add elegance to your style!

Do you feel sweet and young at heart? Then the Fleur de Lis pink Rhinestone studded cap is the chic answer to your summer fashion wardrobe. Shimmering silver rhinestuds outlined with silver studs gives the Fleur de Lis emblem the hot look of the season! Pair this stylish cap with a Fleur de Lis designer top and you will be the envy of all your friends.

From a day at the beach, to lunch with friends in the park, protecting yourself from the sun this summer is all important. Always “a la mode” and elegant, Rhinestone Caps with Fleur de Lis Designs are this season in-thing for an enjoyable and safe summer.

Fleur de Lis is recognized as one of the leading online stores offering our patrons the popular Fleur de Lis emblem in many different styles from jewelry, to apparel and home d├ęcor.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shop by Price at Fleur de Lis Fashions.Com

I'm excited to let you know that our Shop by Price pages have been updated at Fleurdelisfashions.Com. This page is set up just for when you are shopping with your budget in mind.

We have created 9 different sections for your convenience on our shop by price page. This way, when you know exactly what you want to spend, you can find the price range to fit your budget perfectly.

If you have specific items in mind you want to buy, please feel free to browse our shop by price section to find your favorites quickly.

Make sure when you use the new shop by price section, check out the 0.00 - $9.99 page. This section will help you find all of your favorite fleur de lis fashions for under 10 bucks!

A few customer favorites from that page include our fleur de lis jute bag for $6.99 and our fleur de lis wedding/party favors. With so much to find at great prices you are sure to enjoy your experience even more.

Use our shop by price section to find those perfect gifts and add something special in your shopping cart for yourself too!

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fleur de Lys Clothing Boutique

As our anniversary quickly approaches we want to thank everyone for making us the leading fleur de lys clothing boutique on the web. We couldn't have done it without our wonderful customers!

Sometimes the fleur de lys is spelled different ways and sometimes the symbol has different variations depending on the designers take on the symbol. Either way, our clothing boutique at Fleur de Lis Fashions.Com has everything you need to keep you looking great.

If you are looking for just the right piece of sterling silver jewelry, or something to add to accessory collection you can find it here. We know what makes women feel special in their favorite clothing boutique, finding something that isn't common makes us enjoy the hunt of shopping.

In our fleur de lys clothing boutique we offer something for everyone at great prices. The best part is that when you are shopping with us you know you will find that special piece. The fleur de lis is all we do, so we do it better than anyone on the web. That's why our customers have made us number 1 in Google for fleur de lis jewelry.

If you are shopping for a
rhinestone shirt, or a gift for someone special you are sure to find it in our store. We aren't only a clothing boutique, we offer much more. The younger ladies love our collection of fleur de lis silver earrings because they want to look like Mom.

Brides enjoy reading our bridal articles and find the fleur de lys a great addition to their wedding day. We have an entire section dedicated just for them. So when you are looking for that special piece of jewelry or clothing, shop our fleur de lys clothing boutique and you will be in store for a treat. We offer style & elegance at affordable prices for every budget.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Do your Summer Shopping at Fleur de Lis Fashions

If you are looking for some fresh new pieces to add to your Summer wardrobe, do your Summer shopping with us at Fleur de Lis Fashions.Com. We have some trendy items that will add some extra spice to your wardrobe and will keep you looking fabulous all season long.

Our customers have been doing their Summer shopping already and a favorite has become some of our fleur de lis tank tops. Our tank tops make looking great and keeping cool easy. Pairing a tank top with shorts, jeans, or capris is the perfect look for this time of year. A tank top is great for layering too. Put a button down shirt on top of any tank and add the layered look to your wardrobe.

Another great idea for your Summer shopping is adding this hard to find fleur de lis accessory, our fleur de lis sunglasses. These unique sunglasses combine the things we all love with a fleur de lis theme. Uv protective with a hip and trendy fleur de lis on the side, you can't go wrong with these cutties. Look stylish and feel great driving in your car, running errands on weekends, or use them at the beach. You will be the only one around with these fleur de lis sunglasses.

This Summer shopping must have is one of our fleur de lis caps! A hat can be a perfect accessory to any outfit and gives you a sense of style even when you may not feel your best. Windblown hair from the beach, or having a bad hair day? No problem, throw on one of our fleur de lis baseball caps and your look is instatnly transformed. Pair one of our hats with the sunglasses and a tank and you are sure to be fleur de lis fabulous!

Enjoy doing your Summer shopping with us at Fleur de Lis Fashions.Com!

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