Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trendy Women's Jewelry

In our jewelry collection we have put some of the hottest trendy women's jewelry together for your shopping enjoyment. As we strive to keep our styles of fashion up to the minute, some of our favorite pieces can be found here.

One of those items is found in our fleur de lis charm bracelet selection. While many women enjoy wearing charms, especially pretty bracelets. This hot new trend can be duplicated easily and affordably. Our popular fleur de lis oval/charm bracelet is a perfect example of the great looks in charm bracelets. Cute silver ovals and fleur de lis charms hang from this attractive silver stretch bracelet. This trendy women's jewelry piece is available is our store for $14.99 and is on sale now!

In addition to that bracelet, a popular customer favorite is our fleur de lis southwest necklace set. Even if you have never owned a piece of fleur de lis jewelry, this is one that you don't want to miss! A gorgeous silver textured fleur de lis hangs from two silver chains that is attached together to make this a great choice in trendy women's jewelry. This set comes with earrings that match the necklace perfectly to help you make a bold statement. Choose this necklace set and demand the attention that a woman with style deserves.

Since finding trendy women's jewelry doesn't have to cost a lot of money, our customers love the great prices that can be found at Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com. We understand the importance of being on a budget and looking great! Shop with us today and find more great items to add to you jewelry collection!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fleur de Lis in the News!

We have recently been honored with several friends featuring our store on their blogs and online forums! We wanted to share these great articles with you.

First of all, you all remember the great post that our friends at Shopalicious did about our beautiful earrings! You can read that post again by clicking here. We wanted to say thanks again to them for doing such a fun post about us.

More recently, Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com has been featured on Chic Creation. This blog post highlighted some of our beautiful handbags and we just love how this turned out! Please check out this great article by visiting here.

Over the weekend our friends at Happier, Healthier, You!! Did two great post about us. One of them was featured on their blog on Friday. This post highlighted our company and our products. This great post called "Fleur de Lis Fashions at their Finest" was a great tribute to what we do and the products in our store.

On Sunday, they do something really fun called NOLA SUNDAYS. They took the time to interview our company President, Rene' Fletcher. Reading about our president gives a more inside look into what we do and why we do it! This interview, named "Nola Sundays are Fleurdelisciously" featured our store and this blog!

Again, we want to thank our friends online who took the time to help us promote our beautiful store, and our newly designed blog.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Costume Jewelry Store-Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com

By now, everyone knows how much we want to be your favorite costume jewelry store. What we offer is unique and interesting jewelry that doesn't have to break your bank to be attractive.

When you are purchasing beautiful jewelry, while price does matter, you also expect to get great quality for your money. At Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com we have organized our costume jewelry store to help you find just what you are looking for.

For example, let's say that you are looking for a great pair of fleur de lis silver earrings. You can go straight to that section and see all of the styles that we have to offer. The other thing that you will notice is how great the prices are! You can find your favorite pair of earrings in price ranging from $9.99 to 14.99. Knowing that the most you will have to spend for a great looking pair of earrings is only 14.99, this can make your shopping experience a pleasant one.

But not only are we an affordable costume jewelry store, we also offer various beautiful fleur de lis items. Having everything you are looking for right at your fingertips is our goal. We are constantly making changes that help your shopping trip even better with us.

Like for our brides we have a special section just for them called The Bride's Bag. This section can help brides find beautiful jewelry and gifts that they are looking for to help with their special day. We understand how being on a budget, and being a bride can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. If you are a bride and you are looking for something special, we have beautiful selections for anything you need.

Some of our most popular selections in our costume jewelry store are certainly our Fleur De Lis Necklace Sets. These are great choices to give as bridesmaids gifts and look great on everyone.

For the women who love beautfiul and unique items, this section is perfect for you. Take our Fleur De Lis Silver/Gold Necklace Set. This set is the perfect blend of gold and silver while showing off your fleur de lis style. A popular choice for brides and bridesmaids, this set is on sale in our store now.

Even if you have never worn a fleur de lis you can just start shopping our beautiful costume jewelry store and begin your collection today. And don't just limit yourself to jewelry. Shop with us for fleur de lis apparel such as hats, belts, and shirts. You will be surprised at how much attention you will get when wearing something from our store.

A real attention grabber is our Fleur De Lis Chain Belt. This belt, with gorgeous clear rhinestones making up the buckle, will get you noticed quickly. The chain links make it easily adjustable and fits just about everyone. This belt is also on sale now.

As always, you can visit us today and let us be your favorite costume jewelry store. We look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The new Fleur de.lir.i.ous!

We wanted to let everyone know about our new blog design! We have been working at expressing the history of New Orleans along with our crazy love for the fleur de lis!

As you can see, the new design came out fabulous! We are absolutely thrilled at how the design really shows off the French Quarter. Another great thing about we are really excited about is how beautiful the St. Louis Cathedral looks in the header!

Since being delirious about the fleur de lis is our name, you will notice the border that matches our website, Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com. It is a beautiful display of our love for the royal symbol.

The best part of the new design includes our hip New Orleans lady who is constantly thinking about the fleur de lis symbol. We just love the way she is decked out in our fleur de lis jewelry as well!

We hope that you will enjoy this new look for our blog!

Plus we have more great news! You can now subscribe to fleur de.lir.i.ous by feed. We are live on feedburner and you can get our feed right to your email. If you haven't susbcribed as a reader, please do so now!

As always, we thank you for visiting with us. We would love to hear from you about our new look!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Fleur De Lis & Mardi Gras

If you were one of the lucky people to visit New Orleans for the Mardi Gras celebration, you were able to observe the rich history of our city. Some of the most noteable sites during this time of year are the costumes and masks that riders of certain parade krewes where.

One of the largest and most famous Mardi Gras organizations is the Krewe Of Endymion. The large scale floats, extravagant costumes and the vast amount of riders makes this parade one of the most favorite amoung citizens.

This year, Endymion was able to return to it's orginal Mid-City route for the first time since hurricane Katrina. We have found some beautiful pictures of costumes that include the fleur de lis. The picture below is of one of the gorgeous Endymion headresses with a beautiful fleur de lis in the middle.

Another great picture is of a rider on an Endymion float in costume. In this photo, you will notice that the rider's costume bears a silver fleur de lis on the left chest. Endymion's signature colors of silver and blue are beautifully displayed here as well.

We also found some great pictures of fleur de lis beads, and a gorgeous Indian head dress in the shape of a fleur de lis, which can be seen below. Obviously, the fleur de lis is still alive and well in New Orleans. We hope you enjoyed Mardi Gras and we hope yoy visit us again next year!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Even Hannah Montana Wears Fleur de Lis Earrings!

We are always on the look out for celebrities wearing the famous fleur de lis. Recently, Fleur de Lis Fashions was mentioned on one of the forums for dressing like Miley Cyrus. You can check out the post my clicking here.

In that post, we also found a great picture of Hannah Montana wearing fleur de lis earrings. The episode, which was in season two, courtesty of Disney shows Miley wearing the earrings. You can see that picture below.

In our beautiful collection of dangling fleur de lis earrings, you can find the pair that are just right for you. The ones that are closest to those pictured on Miley, are our Fleur de Lis Medium Clear Dangling Earrings. This unique pair features gorgeous clear rhinestones that make up a beautiful fleur de lis. The earrings hang from french hooks for a classic look. These earrings are available in our store now at a great price! Check out the picture of these earrings below.

Shop with us today for our latest collection of fleur de lis earrings. We have recently improved this section of our store. We have many catagories available to you to shop from. Choose from silver, gold, studs, hoops, rhinestones, dangling, and more.

If Hannah Montana is wearing fleur de lis earrings, you know that they are the hottest trend around right now! We know that you will enjoy shopping for the pair that is just right for you.

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