Friday, June 25, 2010

Add a Fleur de Lis Jewelry Necklace to your Summer Look

Summer is such a great time to add some new and different things to your look. So why not a fleur de lis jewelry necklace? These pieces can give you that extra edge you are looking for to stand out from the crowd with your great taste in fashion jewelry. A necklace can speak volumes about your sense of style and personality without saying a word.

From elegant, to casual, to fun, we have highlighted some of our favorites to give you some great ideas for this season.

Our fleur de lis toggle key necklace makes a fierce statement. Worn as a choker with a fleur de lis and a key dangling from the front, it is hip and trendy. This looks great with a scoop neck shirt or a low cut blouse. It's sexy and fun and can be worn to any occasion. It will get attention though, so be warned!

Another great choice for a pretty jewelry necklace for Summer is our fleur de lis vintage sterling silver sheer necklace. This hot item is the perfect blend of sterling silver jewelry with elegance and style. The unique pendant is simply stunning and is perfect to wear to work, a job interview, or on a date. The red sheer necklace adds some color and fun to anything you wear it with.

Our brown wooden necklace is just right for when you want something to stand out with your outfit. This unique piece is big and bold. It looks amazing against a white tee shirt or tank and is very eye-catching. If you are heading to a pool party or a picnic, throw on this necklace and add some drama to your tee shirt and shorts.

The selection of an attractive jewelry necklace is always a fun place to start adding new items to your collection. Choosing just the right one can make you feel confident and really show off your sense of style.

Visit us today and get your hands on one of these pretty creations before they are all gone!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Saints Superbowl Rings feature a gorgeous Fleur de Lis

We waited and waited for this day and it finally arrived! Last week, Tiffany & Co. presented our New Orleans Saints with their Superbowl rings. The gorgeous ring is filled with New Orleans themes and personalization for the players. The best part of the ring, in our humble opinion, is the beautiful fleur de lis!

This information from the Saints website explains in a bit more detail about the rings:

"The Tiffany & Co. championship rings, presented in Tiffany Blue boxes, are handcrafted in yellow gold featuring the New Orleans Saints Fleur-de-Lis logo set with round diamonds. “World Champions” is bezel set with eight diamonds on the top of the ring. In addition to the Saints’ iconic Fleur-de-Lis, several other notable features of the rings include the personalization of each ring, the images of two New Orleans landmarks, The St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square and the Louisiana Superdome, as well as the final score of Super Bowl XLIV (Saints 31-Colts 17), the NFL shield and the first few notes of the song “When The Saints Come Marching In.”

An image of the Saints’ historic Super Bowl parade celebration through New Orleans is also displayed on the rings."

The article did not mention the value of the rings, but the estimated cost is 30,000 per ring. The NFL paid for 150 rings to the organization and the team gave out 219.

The rings just seemed to get everyone geared up again for football season this year and we can't wait to watch our Saints again. The Saints are also raffling off chances to win one of their rings in a fundraiser dedicated to the Gulf relief efforts. You can purchase chances to win the ring online here. The drawing will be held September 9, 2010 at the season opener. You certainly want to be in that number!

And if you still can't get enough of our Superbowl Champs, Tiffany & Co. has an entire line of jewelry and accessories to choose from which is completely dedicated to our team.

We knew that fleur de lis would look spectacular on their rings and we weren't disappointed! Stop by and visit us for all the newest to get yourself ready for football season. Our Saints fan page is full of beautiful black and gold...........Who Dat!

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill Inspires New Jewelry Designs

With the recent Gulf oil spill, Louisiana is getting a lot of attention. Most of Louisiana's wetlands are currently in jeopardy with this tragic event. The Louisiana way of life including it's wetlands and seafood is an essential part of the economy and history for the country and the region.

In a way to represent our region proudly, we have some new affordable jewelry designs to wear and show your support for our coast and shoreline.

Our newest section features Louisiana Wetlands and seafood inspired designs. What a great way to wear fashion jewelry with huge meaning!

The brown beaded Louisiana Pelican necklace shows off pretty colors with beads that highlight the state bird in a pretty way. No fussy clasps to deal with, this unique piece offers a front beaded toggle clasp making it comfortable and easy to wear.

Our Louisiana wetlands pearl and beaded bracelet offers a cute way to show off what you love most about the coast despite the Gulf oil spill. Pretty colored crystals and pearls make up the chic bracelet. Seafood and a pelican hang from the piece for a meaningful and beautiful piece of jewelry.

The fleur de lis and pelican gold seed bead necklace set brings together two famous icons on Louisiana in a cute piece of fashion jewelry. This stretch necklace will impress everyone who sees it. Take it to the heart with the things that matter most to you.

Visit us today for the latest trends in fashion with a fleur de lis and Louisiana theme.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

925 Sterling Silver Fleur de Lis Jewelry

Sometimes we all like the finer things in life and that is no different when it comes to the jewelry we love to wear. Since sterling silver jewelry is so popular and coveted we have highlighted some of our favorites for you here.

The great thing about these pieces is that they look great with everything, are unique, and will last you a lifetime. Taking care of your sterling silver jewelry is the only thing you need to worry about. A fine polishing cloth will usually do the trick to take some of the tarnish away and have your jewlery looking new again.

925 sterling silver fleur de lis jewelry offers you several options including rings, earrings, and more. Check out our top picks:

Our top pick is our sterling silver fleur de lis dangle earrings. This pair of earrings will go with any wardrobe choice hands down. A cute fleur de lis hangs from french hooks for the perfect dangle. What we love most about these is the versatility they offer with style and class. They make a great gift and look great on women of all ages. Young and old alike, every lady needs a pair of earrings she can throw on and go..........these are it!

The next favorite of ours is the super popular fleur de lis modern sterling silver ring. The unique design and high quality of this 925 sterling silver ring is what makes it such a hot item. A chic fleur de lis is displayed beautifully on a ring that is attention getting. Makes a great right hand ring for our ladies who love to show off their style. Make sure you check this one out today.

Rounding out our top three picks is our fleur de lis sterling silver black vintage style necklace set. So let's say at the last minute you get invited to a formal function and need something sparkling to add to your look. This gorgeous set will set you apart from the rest. Pretty details make this set perfect for that formal function, holiday parties, or that job interview you have been worrying about. Wear the earrings alone for work and throw on the necklace for night!

We hope you have enjoyed our top three picks for the hottest 925 sterling silver fleur de lis jewelry we offer. Make sure to visit us again and again since we are often adding new items to this rare collection.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Orleans Water Meter Jewelry

New Orleans Water Meter Jewelry has hit the South in a big way! The "New Orleans Water Meter" is actually a water meter box cover commonly seen throughout the streets of New Orleans.

People admire the rare design so much, that is is now being used for beautiful jewelry pieces. The design of our water meter was created by a man named Edwin Ford circa 1920. Edwin Ford was the founder of the Ford Meter Box company, which was founded in 1898.

We have some cute new pieces in this collection, such as our
fleur de lis silver New Orleans Water Meter necklace set. This unique set offers two of New Orleans icons in one. The water meter replica hangs from the fleur de lis earrings for the perfect blend of these two symbolic treasures. A silver snake chain with a replica water meter cover match the earrings for just the right blend of history and style.

Our sterling silver
New Olreans Water Meter belly ring, is one you won't find anywhere else. This sexy little number is just right for the season. An ideal way to show off your love for everything meaningful with NOLA style.

fleur de lis gold New Orleans Water Meter earrings are the perfect blend of antique gold and black accented jewelry pieces. The great thing about this mixture of black and gold is that it can be worn any time of the year around the city with the blend of these two famous colors.

Enjoy wearing and shopping for New Olreans Water Meter Jewelry in our
Naturally New Orleans section. After all, it doesn't get more natural than the beautiful icon our city loves more than ever since Hurricane Katrina.

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