Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fleur De Lis Jewelry-New Designs

New designs in fleur de lis jewelry is catching everyone by surprise these days. The gorgeous and intricate new styles in fashion fleur de lis jewelry offers special stones and colored gems to appeal to the taste of everyone.

Most recently, one of the newest styles offers a cross design with colored gemstones as accents all made from several fleur de lis. The necklace set usually come with gorgeous matching earrings that mimic the design of the necklace perfectly. One beautiful example of this unique design is the Fleur De Lis Garnet Cross Necklace Set. Here you can see one of these gorgeous sets which combines religious meaning with the historical fleur de lis.

Another unique design of the new styles in fleur de lis jewelry comes in the form of pendants. Pendants make great gifts because they allow the recipiant the choice of adding their own chain to the pendant, making it more of a personal style. Recently, these beautiful pendants have been used by many brides as jewelry for their wedding day and for gifts for their bridesmaids. The gorgeous pendants are often adorned with crystals, cubic zurconia stones, and rhinestones.

An example of the new style in pendants is the Fleur De Lis Sterling Silver Crystal Pendant. This design bring together the durability of sterling silver along with beautiful stones, all at an affordable price.
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