Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fleur De Lis Watches on Sale!

All of our beautiful fleur de lis watches are on sale in our store now. Enjoy choosing several different colors to match your outfit or your mood.

Our fleur de lis red watch is a favorite of ladies who love to wear red. The beautiful rhinestone encrusted face makes it easy to enjoy this stylish fashion jewelry piece. Enjoy this watch with all of your favorite red clothes.

Another classic color is our fleur de lis black watch. This gorgeous watch is easy to match with almost any wadrobe choice. The classic look and stylish band will look great with all of your fleur de lis jewelry and accessories during any season of the year.

Feeling pink? How about our fun and girly fleur de lis pink watch. With it's unique color, this watch is enjoyeable by women of all ages. Pair this cutie with one of our fleur de lis pink hats for a great summer look.

Get your fleur de lis watch today, available now at the sales price of just $19.99!

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