Sunday, October 12, 2008

Frugal Shopping-This Year It's a Must!

With the stress on the economy this year, frugal shopping in a top priority as we head into the holiday season. Many families and businesses are feeling the economic crunch. Making your dollar stretch even further this year is a goal that can easily be achieved.

At Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com we understand the hardships of today's American families and we have some great ideas to help you with frugal shopping this season. Many of our gifts and accessories are under $20.00 and some really great items are under $10.00! What a great way to give a lovely present that doesn't cost you a fortune.

We will highlight a few of these cheap products to give you some frugal shopping ideas. One of our most popular items this season is a great gift that is under $10.00, is our fleur de lis silver purse hook.

This cute accessory is only $9.99 and makes a great way for any lady in your life to hang her purse on the edge of a table, countertop, or bar. It sure beats putting your handbag on the floor and has a great fleur de lis motif. Choose this as a unique item on your frugal shopping list this year.Another item that makes an affordable gift is our fleur de lis heart tie tack/lapel pin. This adorable item is the essense of the fleur de lis and is just perfect for men or women who love the idea of a meaningful gift. Added to a scarf or tie this pin makes the perfect accent to any wardrobe choice.

This pin is available in our store now and is just perfect for co-workers, boss, students, or family. Everyone will enjoy getting this gift with a fleur de lis theme. The pin is also available at the great price of $9.99.

For our frugal shoppers who love fleur de lis jewelry, we have many items in stock for you as well. How about a cute pair of our fleur de lis silver dangling earrings. The classic look of the fleur de lis is elegantly paired with a little dangle in these silver earrings. They are easy to match with other jewlery items and come in a free gift box. The best thing about these stylish earrings is the price, get them now for only $10.99!

We hope this give you just a glimpse of an idea on how you can make frugal shopping fun this year. Finding something that you know your friends and family will love is always a great feeling. This season you can do that without stressing your family budget and give beautiful and affordable gifts.

Shop with us today and visit our shop by price section which is filled with items you can afford.

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