Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tote & Luggage Fleur de Lis Bags

As the trendy fleur de lis is now being seen on shirts, jewelry, and handbags the design has moved into the marketing of other great products as well. Luggage and tote bags have caught on to the theme and have unique and beautiful designs all with the fleur de lis theme. Shop for fleur de lis bags now.


Fleur de lis luggage bags have been seen used by many this holiday season and a large request from customers to the manufacturers is being adhered to. Striking color schemes such as green/pink, black/fuchsia, as well as pink/brown are some of the color combinations being used. With mainly females in mind, this new selection of bags not only offers lovely colors, but also the bags are functional and durable.

Many of the luggage bags make great carry-ons or can be used as a duffle bag for traveling purposes. The fleur de lis bags have become popular even as gym bags and offer plenty of room for dancers and work-out enthusiasts who carry a change of clothes or gear with them. Celebrities, brides, and frequent business travelers have come to love the bags because of their unique colors and a design that is easy to spot at the airport.

Tote Bags

More and more bridal party gifts have been getting in on with the fleur de is trend. But not only for wedding parties these tote bags offer lovely color combinations as well as functionality for all purposes. A great tote bag can be used in so many ways by so many people. Often durable material and space are two of the most important things that these bags have to offer.

As a gift for any time of year, fleur de lis tote bags have been selling in bulk because of their great prices. Most tote bags can be found in a price range between $15.99 to $24.99. Finding a great bag at such affordable prices can make all the difference to consumers during the holidays and the tote bags do the trick.

Get on board with the latest trends in Fleur De Lis Bags today. Choose a great luggage or tote fleur de lis bag today.

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