Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Glittering and long lasting Rhinestones are the answer to diamonds. They sparkle and shimmer in the light and give the simplest object a twinkle that is unsurpassed. Affordable and in demand these rock crystals where originally gathered from the Rhine River in Austria. In time the source of genuine rhinestones became depleted and inventive jewelers sought different techniques to duplicate the look of the originals crystals.

Throughout the year’s jewelers such as G. Strass and D. Swarovski applied diverse methods to clear crystals which produced the Rhinestone as we know it today. Rhinestones since then have been used to embellish everything from theater costumes, tiaras and costume jewelry and are made from paste, gems, quartz glass and acrylics.

caps and apparel decorated with rhinestones are popular and can be found in numerous online stores such as Fleur de Lis fashions.com where they offer the very fashionable and trendy Fleur de Lis symbol designed with the spark and dazzle of rhinestones.

Always in demand and very fashionable you will find at Fleur de Lis fashions.com exquisite pieces of jewelry such as the silver
Fleur de Lis Vintage Crystal pin, which is adorned with Austrian crystals and set off on a black background for a distinctive look. Delicate and perfectly designed in the classic vintage style this elegant pin will easily complement any ongoing brooch collection!

Rhinestones like diamonds need to be handled carefully to guard against any damages. When storing your rhinestone jewelry be careful not to place them face to face as they will scratch, and always store them with a piece of tissue between each piece.

If you wish to clean them use a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and avoid water as it will tarnish the foil backing!

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