Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Looking for a Red Fleur De Lis Purse?

At Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com, we have several red fleur de lis purses in our collection to choose from. This popular color purse is just perfect for the winter season to add as a wardrobe accessory. Great reasons for choosing a red purse for this time of year are that they can be added to so many garments. A few examples are that they

  • Are a nice accent to a coctail or party dress
  • Look great with a sweater or coat
  • Make shopping for shoes to match even more fun!

Listed below are a few of our favorite red fleur de lis purses.

Our fleur de lis red bucket purse is a great choice for women who like to add a bold statement to their sense of fashion style. This purse is sturdy and strong. It is also roomy enough for all of your necessity items. The beautiful red casting exterior is adorned with a gorgeous pewter fleur de lis on the outside.

This attractive and functional ladies purse is on sale in our store now at a great price! Don't forget to add the red fleur de lis wallet that matches the purse perfectly. This set is a great value to get through many seasons of fashion style.

For another unique choice in a red fleur de lis purse, choose our fleur de lis red/copper chain purse. This unusual handbag is perfect for women who love to have something different. The purse is a rich red color and is trimmed with copper accents.

The rhinestone studded fleur de lis on the outside is a beautiful accenting touch. Chains lead up to two comfortable straps, perfect for carrying or throwing over your shoulder. We only have two of these beautiful bags left in our store, so hurry in and get yours today!

For many more styles and colors of fleur de lis purses, shop with us today. We also have many handbags with matching wallets for completed sets.

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