Monday, January 7, 2008

Let the Purple and Gold Roll!

If you are anywhere around New Orleans today, all you will see is Lsu Purple and Gold. You may also see a little bit of red, but we are hardly noticing that. Yes, today is the big game that fans have been waiting for all season long.

Just to show you how many people have been enjoying the French Quarter festivities, you can check out this video of a parade that rolled down Bourbon Street last night by clicking here.

Since everyone wants to join in on the activities of the day, many businesses in the downtown area will be closing early to get a head start on the celebrations.

We want to wish the LSU Tigers all the best of luck as they head into the big game tonight! The entire state will be pulling for you guys. If you would like to see more stats and point spreads for the game, you can check those out here.

And we can't go without mentioning the ladies of LSU as well. Some time ago, we mentioned the Golden Girls wearing their uniforms with the fleur de lis on them. We finally found some of those beautiful pictures, one is courtesy of their website.

Love those fleur-de-lis!!! Have a great night tonight ladies!

We hope everyone enjoys themselves in New Orleans today.

We appreciate you visiting our town.

Geaux Tigers!!!!!!!

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Marlowjust said...

I have to admit, I'm an Ohio State fan. But they are starting a new trend by getting to the national championship and then losing. lol Congrats on your win and maybe just maybe next year will be an osu year.