Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fleur de Lis & The City!

Fleur de Lis & The City

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We have been a little absent lately, due to an illness and we apologize! But we are back and we would like to wish all of the Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day!!!! Mom's deserve so much more than one day, but let's honor them the best way we can.

The beautiful photograph above is such a wonderful artistic impression of all that we are about here at Fleur de.lir.i.ous! The fleur de lis sitting on top of our city is so beautiful. Unfortunately, the person who sent this in, did not give us the name of the artist. If you have it, please let us know so we can acknowledge them and give them credit of their work.

We found some interesting information for this Mother's Day edition of Fleur de Lis & The City! We wanted to highlight some great articles and information about our beloved symbol that you can read and enjoy all week long.

Our first piece of news we bring to you to today is super exciting! In this blog post you can read about and watch a video about the fleur de lis possibly becoming the state symbol of Louisiana! Many people, ourselves included thought it already was. Turns out we were wrong, but the state legislature is preparing a bill to change it officially. You can read the blog post and watch the video by clicking here.

For more great news about our favorite historical symbol, we have invited you to read some of our best articles from Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com. As one of the few full service online ladies boutiques selling beautiful fleur de lis items, our store strives to provide useful information to our customers.

This talented staff of writers often writes articles that gets published across the web. These articles combine useful and practical information on the fleur de lis symbol and combines it with fashion. What a great way to learn even more about your favorite items!

The first highlighted article written by the CEO, Mrs. Rene' Fletcher, talks about the thing that prompted her to open her online ladies boutique more than anything, fleur de lis jewelry. With the popularity of the symbol, Mrs. Fletcher's passion for quality and affordable jewelry is how she began. This article offers great ways to incorporate fashion jewelry into your wardrobe today.

One of the most popular articles that includes Mrs. Fletcher's bio, is all about how to accessorize for a casual date. This article has great useful tips that help a lot of ladies who are on the dating scene. Not just jewelry, but beautiful accessories make a woman feel confident and attractive for important times in their life.

Another important resource for New Orleans ladies, and people who love reading about the fleur de lis is an article written about fleur de lis handbags.

This article highlights how an attractive purse gave a Mom back her sense of style. How appropriate for Mother's Day! You can read that article by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy these readings, and pass them along to your friends. The symbol is still hot in the fashion world. Maybe you can learn how to hop on the fashion trend of the fleur de lis as well!

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