Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fleur De Lis & The City!

Fleur De Lis & The City!

Article 5

This week's article of Fleur De Lis & The City! features great ways to decorate your home with the beautiful fleur de lis symbol. Since so many of you requested we do another round of decorating ideas, we thought today's post would be the perfect place.

With many residents just returning home, or completing their homes, why not add a beautiful fleur de lis to your home decor. We have found some great ideas for you this week, that we know will look great in anyone's home. No matter your style, whether contemporary or traditional, you can add this symbol to your decor. Below is a perfect example.

One of the first ideas we came across is a beautiful glass transom. These pieces look especially beautiful when used for a bathroom window, or inside of your home for an added touch of elegant looking glass. This piece highlights a beautiful fleur de lis in the center of a circle with colored accents. You can find this piece at dazzle glazz or by clicking here.

The next decorating idea comes from your local Home Depot. How about a beautiful glass fireplace enclosure! This gorgeous piece can be such a conversation piece and a lovely tribute to New Orleans. The iron work and detail display a classic fleur-de-lis that is sure to get noticed.

Even with your fireplace off for the summer, this piece will look great all year long. Click here to accent your home with this gorgeous fireplace enclosure.

If you are re-doing your home since the storm, or just making some upgrades to your kitchen, beautiful new canisters can tie your colors and theme together. We found these unique kitchen fleur de lis canisters for you to add as accents for your kitchen. The photo is copyrighted but we have the link for this canisters here.

And while we are talking kitchen, we have found a very rare and hard to find set of fleur de lis dinnerware. Not the usual set you can find, this set is unique and dureable. An intricate fleur de lis is found at the base of all the utensils for an elegant look. Since these can be found at an affordable price, you don't want to miss out. Shop for your set today by clicking here.

And guys, we haven't left you out of this weeks discussion either. We have found a perfect apron with a fleur de lis theme, just for you to enjoy with your new fleur de lis home decorations.

Perfect for a barbeque or cooking a fancy dinner, this apron will look great no matter what. Purchase your own by clicking here.

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks version of Fleur De Lis & The City! As always, we love when our readers send it photos of thier homes featuring the fleur de lis. Be creative and enjoy your fleur de lis accents in your home. It can help remind you of how much you enjoy living where you do.

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Diane Scott said...

My mother in law did something clever with the fleur de lis... they embedded the print into their tiles (yes by hand). Not every tile but the effect was very nice :)