Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Orleans Water Meter Jewelry

New Orleans Water Meter Jewelry has hit the South in a big way! The "New Orleans Water Meter" is actually a water meter box cover commonly seen throughout the streets of New Orleans.

People admire the rare design so much, that is is now being used for beautiful jewelry pieces. The design of our water meter was created by a man named Edwin Ford circa 1920. Edwin Ford was the founder of the Ford Meter Box company, which was founded in 1898.

We have some cute new pieces in this collection, such as our
fleur de lis silver New Orleans Water Meter necklace set. This unique set offers two of New Orleans icons in one. The water meter replica hangs from the fleur de lis earrings for the perfect blend of these two symbolic treasures. A silver snake chain with a replica water meter cover match the earrings for just the right blend of history and style.

Our sterling silver
New Olreans Water Meter belly ring, is one you won't find anywhere else. This sexy little number is just right for the season. An ideal way to show off your love for everything meaningful with NOLA style.

fleur de lis gold New Orleans Water Meter earrings are the perfect blend of antique gold and black accented jewelry pieces. The great thing about this mixture of black and gold is that it can be worn any time of the year around the city with the blend of these two famous colors.

Enjoy wearing and shopping for New Olreans Water Meter Jewelry in our
Naturally New Orleans section. After all, it doesn't get more natural than the beautiful icon our city loves more than ever since Hurricane Katrina.

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