Friday, June 25, 2010

Add a Fleur de Lis Jewelry Necklace to your Summer Look

Summer is such a great time to add some new and different things to your look. So why not a fleur de lis jewelry necklace? These pieces can give you that extra edge you are looking for to stand out from the crowd with your great taste in fashion jewelry. A necklace can speak volumes about your sense of style and personality without saying a word.

From elegant, to casual, to fun, we have highlighted some of our favorites to give you some great ideas for this season.

Our fleur de lis toggle key necklace makes a fierce statement. Worn as a choker with a fleur de lis and a key dangling from the front, it is hip and trendy. This looks great with a scoop neck shirt or a low cut blouse. It's sexy and fun and can be worn to any occasion. It will get attention though, so be warned!

Another great choice for a pretty jewelry necklace for Summer is our fleur de lis vintage sterling silver sheer necklace. This hot item is the perfect blend of sterling silver jewelry with elegance and style. The unique pendant is simply stunning and is perfect to wear to work, a job interview, or on a date. The red sheer necklace adds some color and fun to anything you wear it with.

Our brown wooden necklace is just right for when you want something to stand out with your outfit. This unique piece is big and bold. It looks amazing against a white tee shirt or tank and is very eye-catching. If you are heading to a pool party or a picnic, throw on this necklace and add some drama to your tee shirt and shorts.

The selection of an attractive jewelry necklace is always a fun place to start adding new items to your collection. Choosing just the right one can make you feel confident and really show off your sense of style.

Visit us today and get your hands on one of these pretty creations before they are all gone!

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