Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Fleur De Lis and Rebuilding

As people in New Orleans and the surrounding areas are returning home and rebuilding, many of them have chosen to include a beautiful fleur de lis in the rebuilding process. As a way to show the great symbol off in their home, people have gotten really creative in the ways, and places that they have found to display the emblem.

From beautiful bathroom windows, to designs on cabinets, to floor designs, lovely fleur-de-lis have become part of the "new" New Orleans and the metro area. We found this unique picture of kitchen cabinets with the fleur de lis on the outside that really makes a statement. The light colored fleur de lis makes a great compliment to these dark cabinets. What a great idea and an attractive way to accent your home. This picture is actually a stencil and we found the article on how to do this design yourself. Check out the article here.

Another great photo that we found is a gas light that is positioned outside of a home. What makes this light unqiue is that the flame of the gas is actually in the shape of a fleur de lis! While the exact shape is a little different, you can get the idea, and what a great way to to display the fleur de lis. This is definitely on of the most unique uses of the design that we have seen. This beautiful picture is courtesy of Metal and Wood Crafts.Com.

Many bathroom and kitchen windows have also been seen accenting homes with the fleur de lis flair. The beautiful thing about the different glass works is that so many different colors can be incorporated into the design, while making it a part of any home. We found the pictures below of fleur de lis glass designs that are lovely. We hope it help give you ideas as a great way to add a fleur de lis to your home.

If you have used a fleur de lis in the re-design of your home, or in the rebuilding of your neighborhood, we would love to see the pictures and share them with our readers. Please email us with your photos and comments! We hope this article has shared some unique ideas with all of you.

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