Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fleur De Lis Jewelry with a New Orleans Theme

Since the symbol of the fleur de lis has so many historical roots and different variations, we love to show the special part of the symbol that relates the New Orleans in our products. In New Orleans, many residents feel like the city owns the symbol and therefore, are very proud to show it off. Wearing fleur de lis jewelry and apparel is a great way to show the spirit of the city in a personal way.

At Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com we show the pride of our city in all of our products. Because the fleur de lis is all we do, we feel that we know the symbol well. We are proud to offer quality, beautiful, and affordable fleur de lis jewelry, accessories, apparel, and more.

Since we first began, we have enjoyed the fact that people all over the world have feel in love with our fleur de lis items. Since the symbol has many cities, organizations, and groups that utilize the emblem it's always fun to see the different parts of the world wearing our items.

Just like in the City of Saint Louis, the symbol holds deep meaning and is special to all those who show off their fleur de lis style. Also in Quebec Canada, the fleur de lis holds true to it's heritage.

In New Orleans though, we still feel a little selfish when it comes to the royal emblem. Our beloved football team, the New Orleans Saints also use the symbol on their uniforms and they have for quite awhile now. The city has a unique love for the football team that has caused many emotions of it's fans, both good and bad since their inception. The fans of the Saints are die-hard tried and true and through the it all, love their home team.

The symbol can be found all over New Orleans, just like this photo below of the large fleur-de-lis displayed on the side of the Louisiana Superdome.

Some fans even take their love of the fleur de lis a little further, by painting themselves with the emblem, or even getting great fleur de lis tatoos. Branding themselves with a symbol that has so much meaning has been a trend in New Orleans for quite some time now. Enjoy the pictures below of some of the best we've found so far.

Thanks again for making Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com your number one online boutique for fleur de lis fashion.

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