Friday, December 14, 2007

Fleur De Lis Shirts & Tees-New Styles

New at Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com is some of the best in fleur de lis rhinestone shirts and tees. More detail and unique styles is brought to you in this new collection, just in time for gorgeous Christmas gifts.

One of our newest shirts has a mardi gras theme with it's beautiful purple, green, and gold, stones making up a gorgeous fleur de lis. Our Fleur De Lis White Long Sleeve Mardi Gras Multi Shirt has a beautiful way to display the royal emblem of the fleur de lis. This lovely shirt is available at a great price, so get yours today.

Another one of our new shirts is our Fleur De Lis Gold Accented White Long Sleeve Shirt. This shirt offers one of the most unique designs in the fleur de lis that we have seen yet. A gold fleur de lis is adorned with iridescent stones along with purple, green, and gold ones as well. For a stylish and trendy look on a beautiful design, this shirt has it all.

For more color, our Fleur De Lis Purple Shield Shirt has a gorgeous fleur de lis on the upper left hand side that is adorned with clear crystals. The shirt then offers a fleur de lis inside of a shield design on the back. The lovely color of the shirt is easy to pair with many wardrobe items for a trendy look. Pair it with jeans, or dress it up!

A new twist on a gorgeous multi colored gemstone design, is our new Fleur De Lis Multi Colored Gemstone Long Sleeve Shirt. This design has over 100 stones that make up the multi colored fleur de lis proudly displayed on the front. The black lightweight long sleeve ladies shirt is just perfect for winter and is easy to pair with any jewelry or accessory choice. This hip shirt is also available in our store at a great price. Many sizes are available.

Shop with us today and get your packages before Christmas! Visit Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com now!

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