Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fleur De Lis Halloween

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! We have been looking for interesting ways that people have been utilizing the fleur de lis in their costumes or decorations and we have found that people have gotten really creative this year. One of the best pumpkins we found is a nice carving with a fleur de lis in the middle. The picture below shows what a great theme the fleur de lis is and how it can be used for almost any time of the year. We believe this picture was taken from the porch of a house in the Garden District of New Orleans. Nice Job!

We have also seen people in the city decorating their gardens with fleur de lis flags that have several different themes. Of course looking for great Halloween decorations we found the flag that incorporated the fleur de lis just beautifully. In the picture below you can see the pumpkin witch riding on a fleur de lis. What a creative way to tie in the holiday with the fleur de lis.

In our quest to find great decorations with a fleur de lis theme, we also wanted to find a great costume with the emblem used in some form or fashion. After searching high and low, we found one great costume that shows off New Orleans and the fleur de lis. In picture below this little girl has a fleur de lis face! It's the most creative and fun use of the symbol that we have seen and we thought it needed to be shared with you.

Share your favorite pictures of Halloween with us! Have a great one.

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